Monday, 20 May 2013

Streetfest 2013

This year I was invited with over 20 other artists to paint at Streetfest in Shoreditch. It was a great day of painting with friends in the sun and meeting lots of other like minded people.

Events involving beatboxing, street dance, bmx, skateboarding, live art and music went on throughout the day while we painted along the main stretch. The live graffiti this year was organised by Global Street Art with many recognisable names painting.

My piece was an homage to the Avengers complete with decapitated cartoon heads and my fictional character self, Captain Kris.

There are also a few videos floating around which I've included. In one of them I've been interviewed and you are able to see what I look like after going to a Stag do in Brighton and then painting a mural for the whole next day.

Pinched some of these shots from the London Vandal, go check out their post HERE.

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