Friday, 22 October 2010

Monuments Merchandise

A friend of mine asked me to work on some t-shirt designs for his bands European tour merchandise. They wanted a fresher take on the usual 'Metal' theme. The result was a bold, graphic look taking influence from archaic objects and the undead.

The designs are going to be released in stages and are available for pre-order now HERE.

You can also pick them up from one of their many tour dates. The European Tour with Winds Of Plague, Stick To Your Guns & For Today kicks off on the 4th of November.

Check out Monuments FACEBOOK and MYSPACE page for more info.

Chicke Republic Update

I was commissioned earlier this year to create an illustration for Nigerian based fast food restaurant Chicken republic through design agency Brandy and amber&green. The illustration was used across 70 restaurants as a wall mural and for packaging purposes.

Recently, they have been doing a 'munch more' promotion where my illustration has been used as promotional posters, car graphics and even a colouring book.

I did laugh at one of their advertising posters, you'll see why...

To join the Chicken Republic facebook page click HERE.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Camouflage Children Logo

Logo designed for London based hip-hop duo Camouflage Children.

"Two life-long friends, battle rapper Press1 and all-round talented MC/actor Lenz Wan join together to form Camouflage Children. Formed solely to enter a battle of the bands competition at the O2 arena - which coincidentally they won. Expect the introduction EP to be available by the beginning of 2011."

Follow this LINK to find out more about Camouflage Children.