Friday, 2 November 2012

Umbro X Footlocker Secret Walls

These are some shots from last weeks event at The Book Club in Shoreditch. Myself and 3 other artists were chosen as part of a competition to take part in a 90 minute live art battle for the semi-finals of the Umbro and Footlocker sponsored Secret Walls night, mentored and assisted by some of the more well known Secret Walls artists Riff, Alfa, Conzo and McBess.

Myself and Riff took on Ewa Mos and McBess with them taking the win on the night. On the other side of the room Dyox and Conzo went up against Georgia Hill and Alfa with Dyox taking the win.

The night was a massive success being hosted by Reeps One and Lethal Bizzle, the other artists were all great guys and I highly recommend checking out their work!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Secret Walls X Umbro X Footlocker

This is my entry for the Secret Walls X Umbro X Footlocker competition 'TANGLE'.

'The four finest artists who enter the contest will receiving special mentoring from RIFF, ALPHA, Conzo or McBess before taking part in a special live art battle in London later this month hosted by none other than Lethal Bizzle. The two winners of this event will then go head to head in a final competition to find out who is the most talented street artist around.'

Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Alton Activity Centre

I was asked to come down to Roehampton as part of a charity event organised by Waitrose to paint the walls of the Alton Activity Centre to make it more fun for the kids. The job had to be done pretty quickly and it rained all of Sunday so it was a bit of a challenge. In the end, everyone was really happy with the finished result and it made the whole place more colourful for the kids.

The quote written on one of the boards (complete with spelling mistakes on purpose) was written by one little boy. The other paintings were inspired by drawings the kids had created.

'The Alton Activity Centre sits within the Alton Estate in Roehampton. Officially recognised as one of the poorest and most deprived estates in London. It caters for up to 200 children from six schools in the immediate and surrounding area aged between 5-16 years old from all ethnic backgrounds.'

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

MK Paint Jam 2012

These are some shots from last weekends Paint Jam in Milton Keynes. Myself and other artists came down armed with bags of spray paint to attack 8ft boards in the blazing heat. It was a great weekend full of music and live graffiti, I met a lot of like minded people and it's hopefully going to become a regular yearly event. I also managed to get a birthday cake for some friends in the arm tattoos as well as a few other in jokes and a random Batman for good measure.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Monday, 11 June 2012

Tumblr Sketchbook Update

I've been uploading some of my recent sketchbook work to my Tumblr, check the link to see what I've been working on recntly...

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Dean Oakley Logo

This was a little logo project that I've just finished up. Dean Oakley is a DJ primarily playing deep, funky, soulful house music. He wanted to brand himself with the right image for the scene and asked me to come up with a logo and his name in a style to represent himself to the public.

You can hear him LIVE every Tuesday night, 8-10pm on: TrueSoundz Radio

Add him on Facebook here:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2012 World Tour

This is my entry for the Arthouse Co-op Sketchbook Project 2012. My chosen theme was 'disasters', but I wanted to draw Batman, so instead my theme has been twisted slightly to be 'Batman: Disasters'.

These are just a few pages from my sketchbook, you can view the rest of them on my facebook page by clicking the link below.

This sketchbook, along with many others, will tour the USA, Australia and London starting in April. Check the link for the tour details: